Building A Sense of Mastery

I used to have such a hard time taking care of myself.  I was always so fatigued for years now.  I could barely drag myself into the shower.  Lots of times I just couldn’t.  Then I’d feel gross and disgusting but I just couldn’t help it.  I know that people would probably just say that I “just have to try harder”  I have been doing a lot better lately.  I am showering pretty much every day now.  It’s such a little thing but hugely important and such a big accomplishment for me.  I don’t wash my hair every day like I should since it’s so oily but that’s next on my agenda.  I’m going to add one thing at a time, and build mastery over one thing for a little while before trying to add another and getting myself frustrated and stressed out then just feeling bad about myself again.

I feel pretty good about myself for showering every day.  I’ll feel even better when I can wash my hair more often but it’ll happen soon enough.  Do you have trouble with things like this?  Is there some small thing that you can do to build mastery over something?  Do you eat right?  Have you had anything to eat today?  Was it healthy?  If so, great!  If not, try to take care of yourself in some small way.  You deserve it!

Till next time,

— Joyce.


3 responses to “Building A Sense of Mastery

  1. Well, I’m not sure. My mind says yes but looking at things I have to say no. Especially with the eating. I don’t eat much. In fact I eat on an average of one meal a day. In about a little over a year’s time I’ve dropped from about 88 kilos to 66. I try to take steps yet something seems to always go wrong.


    • It can be hard sometimes to build a sense of mastery. You have to start small, with one small thing that you can accomplish. I hope your eating gets better.



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