I’m no longer Borderline


7 responses to “I’m no longer Borderline

  1. Thats wonderful. I am glad to see that others are able to find peace.
    I wish the same was true for me. I’ve done DBT too. Yet I seem to stay the same or at times get worse. To be honest I’m quite scared.


    • How long have you been in DBT? I took it for a whole year. I am now in recovery but it can take time for it to work. Try to stick with it if you can. You always have support here and on my Facebook Page. (Hugs) if that’s all right.


  2. Sorry, Leon and mhaqel are both me. I sent a message from my laptop and today from my phone which aromatically linked and old WordPress ID


    • Thanks again for commenting. DBT doesn’t work for everyone. It is one of the best treatments for BPD. Maybe another treatment would work for you. Are you in therapy, if you don’t mind me asking?


  3. I don’t mind at all.
    I enjoyed and got some things out of DBT. Because of the DBT contract, I wasn’t able to keep my personal therapist. I was moved to group therapy and the group deemed the therapy as non functional. The therapists didn’t know how to restructure. I dropped out. Had a personal therapist but he wasn’t trained for BPD and really didn’t do much and it was nearly impossible to get an appointment with him. It would take about a month or two just to be able to get fitted in for an appointment. I stopped seeing him and I was signed out of the therapy system. I tried to join other therapies but they wouldn’t take me because they didn’t want a BPD patient and one that is highly suicidal, referred me back to the government psychology system.


    • It sounds like you’ve had a lot of trouble trying to get the right therapy/therapist. I hope you can get the right help soon. I have my fingers crossed for you.



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