Cheques In Tomorrow?

My daughter and her boyfriend popped into the Peer Support Centre for a few minutes today.  Her boyfriend said that the ODSP cheques should be in tomorrow.  I hope so!  I’m sure that they’re usually in on the Monday before Christmas.  This year I guess they’re in just a few days before Christmas.  That makes it awfully hard to go Christmas shopping when you don’t get your cheque until the last minute!  Oh well!  We’ll make sure our son gets some of the things he’s asking for for Christmas.  We always do.  Usually we can get assistance for toys for him.  But last year was the last year he was eligible.  It’s only up to age 12 and he’s 13 this year.  He’ll have a good Christmas anyways.

He wants to have a Christmas Eve party, playing board games and having chips and stuff.  We probably will.  I’ve invited our daughter and her boyfriend for Christmas dinner this year.  At least I shouldn’t be eating alone as I usually do.  My husband and son always fix their plates and go to their respective rooms:  my son to his bedroom and my hubby to his music room.  The only thing that’s different from any other day is that we have turkey and all the trimmings.

I’ll let you know if our cheque comes in tomorrow.  Then I’ll be Christmas shopping.  Thanks for listening to me rant / whine.  Till next time,

— Joyce.


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