No Cheque This Christmas!

We were supposed to have our cheque for January direct-deposited into our account today.  We have not received it.  I was supposed to go Christmas shopping today.  My nerves are so shot!  Why did we not get our cheque?  Did they take it because I haven’t paid off our credit card yet?  Can they do that?  It’s Christmas!

I’ll have to contact ODSP and find out why the oversight.  And figure out what we’re gonna do for money right now.  I have a few dollars saved up.  that’ll have to do us for now.  I get a gift card for the grocery store today.  We signed up for that weeks ago.  At least we’ll have food this Christmas.  I still have to get some presents for our son, which I was waiting on this cheque for.

I’m sure we’ll be all right somehow.  We always are.  Something good will happen.  I’m not really a religious person, but right now I’m praying for something to happen.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

3 responses to “No Cheque This Christmas!”

  1. Joyce sorry to say if you owe someone they can have the account hold the money you owe, no explanation or warning needed where I live (USA). I worked in the bank call center. If you owe someone and that is what happened try to make arrangements to make payments. There is usually a lawyer involved if worse case scenario that is what happened. Hope you can fix it and Merry Christmas.


    1. I think our cheque is just a day later than usual. We should get it tomorrow. I do need to get some money paid towards our credit card though. I’m gonna try to get in touch with the credit counselling people first thing in the morning. Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a Merry Christmas too.

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      1. Praying that is all that it is.



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