Emotions and Hot Cross Buns

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Today I revised various theories of emotion in preparation for my January exams. Here are some of the theories which I have outlined below –

The original assumption:
Stimulus -> Emotion -> Body Sensations

James-Lange theory (1884):
Stimulus -> Body Sensations ->Emotion

Cannon-Bard theory (1927):
Stimulus -> Body Sensations & Emotionsimultaneously
(This theory also suggests that the Emotion modulates the Body Sensations, but not the other way around)

Schachter-Singer theory (1962):
Stimulus -> Body Sensations -> Thoughts -> Emotion
(This theory is also known as theTwo-Factor or Cognitive Labelling model)

Lazarus’ Cognitive Appraisal theory (1992):
Stimulus -> Thoughts-> Body Sensations & Emotionsimultaneously

In my (rather biased) opinion, the only model which seems to explain all the theories summarised above is the CBT Hot Cross Bun Model of Emotion.
It looks something like this, as we were taught in my DBT Skills Group:

This model makes so much more…

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