Do Not Quit – A Reminder To Myself

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

I felt so low this morning I was struggling to function. I almost sent an email to my volunteering supervisor at the school for children with learning and developmental disabilities, explaining that I need to quit for mental health reasons.

However, despite being on the verge of tears the entire hour beforehand, I kept thinking of my values and long-term goals, doing a mini pros-and-cons in my head to find reasons to resist the avoidance urges.

I did the most ultimate Opposite Action I could muster, andpushed myself to go. I spent the next few hours with the children in Orange Class at the school, and by the time I left the spirit within me was largely replenished. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made, even though this happens every time. I get so much from these children, and it would be such a shame to lose that.


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