Very Busy Next Week!

Next week, I will have an appointment with my counsellor, the credit counselling people, Dinner Night at the Peer Support Centre, and possibly, my out-of-town BPD Group all in the same day!  It will be a very busy day, that’s for sure.  I’m gonna see if my counsellor can accompany me to my credit counselling appointment for some moral support.  My daughter also has a doctor’s appointment that day.  My out-of-town BPD Group might be the next week instead.  That would be a little less busy for me.

I have been getting a bit behind with my emails.  I feel so tired and lazy in the evenings and on the weekends.  My son always wants me to watch him play video games.  I’m slowly getting caught up.  I just have to keep caught up now.

Till next time,

— Joyce.



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