Mindfulness ‘What’ Skills

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

We talked yesterday in DBT skills group about the Mindfulness ‘What’ skills – Observe, Describe and Partipate.

Describing and Participating are somewhat easier to practice because they are more ‘practical’ in ways, I find.

When you describe something, you are being the opposite to judgemental. You are using objective descriptions to explain your experience, sticking to the facts. Though not easy in practice, the concept makes sense.

An example would be being mindful of and describing an object using the senses. We used satsumas in group – “It is orange. The skin is slightly speckled and textured. It has brown dots on it. It fits into my palm. It feels cold. The pith is white and makes patterns. It smells tangy. I notice my mouth starts to salivate”

When you participate, you throw yourself fully into an experience. You become one with the experience and allow it to…

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