An Eventful Birthday Weekend!

Saturday was my birthday.  I turned 47.  My daughter came over to visit for a bit and have supper with me.  On Sunday, I went to my parents’ for the day.  We had some birthday cake and my sister got me some chocolates.  We played cards for a bit.  There was a bit of excitement after supper.  I got a call from my mother-in-law that our daughter and future son-in-law were at the hospital.  He was having pains in his side.  We rushed over and he was waiting for us outside.  Then our daughter came out.  They asked if they could get a ride home.  We gave them a ride home, then my parents took me home.

The next day, I went to the Peer Support Centre.  My daughter showed up, looking very tired.  She said that the night before her boyfriend had gone back to the hospital in the night to see about his pains, which had come back.  They told him they think it’s his gall bladder.  He’s getting an ultrasound this morning to find out for sure.

A few years ago on my birthday, my dad was in the hospital having surgery to remove cancer.  I’m so glad that it worked and that he’s still with us today!

A while ago, our daughter’s boyfriend got in a fight.  He was defending himself and our daughter.  He was charged with assault and possession of marijuana.  I hope they’re not using money that we’re giving them for food to buy pot!  We’re in the hole so bad right now!  I have opened an account at a different bank.  Now I just need to get our ODSP deposited into it.  I have to make some phone calls this morning and I’m so nervous!  I hate making phone calls, except to close family.  Wish me luck!

We still need to find a cheaper place to live.  And our daughter and her boyfriend need to find an apartment.  Wish us luck with that too, if you can.

Thanks for reading.  Till next time,

— Joyce.


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