Community Peer Support Appointment Soon!

In my area, we have Community Peer Support (CPS) workers.  You get one-on-one peer support about every other week.  They also work in the Peer Support Centres.  I’m being matched up with someone for Community Peer Support and I’m so excited!  I was so nervous about therapy ending eventually, but now I’m not so nervous, knowing that I’m gonna have appointments for Peer Support.

The lady I’m gonna be matched up with, I already know.  She runs a group which I attend regularly.  So that really helps.  We had a bit of time together one day as she was dropping me off from a group and we really enjoyed it.  We got along great!  I’m really looking forward to having this one-on-one Peer Support!

I’ll let you all know how my first appointment goes.  Till then,

— Joyce.


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