Weather Woes and More

I am feeling very stressed out, overwhelmed and mentally exhausted right now.  There’s so much going on.  I’m worried about our credit cards, our son’s birthday is coming up, and I’m worried about our daughter.

The weekend before last was terrible, weather-wise.  It was so extremely cold and our daughter and her boyfriend’s heater quit working.  We told them they could stay with us for a bit.  It ended up being about five days.  Which was ok by me, as long as they contributed a little bit somehow.  But they were really getting on my husband’s nerves.  Especially with their arguing.  Mostly her boyfriend yelling at her and calling her names.  Finally, my husband had had enough and told them that he wouldn’t have that in his house, that he had enough of that growing up with his dad yelling at his mom.  He told her boyfriend to get out.  So they both grabbed their things and left.  Did I forget to mention that they’d brought their kitten too?  My mother-in-law and her new hubby lent them an electric blanket so they would be a little bit warmer.  I really hope they find a place soon.  Her baby is due in April (or May).

Just needed to get that out.  Thank you for reading.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

6 responses to “Weather Woes and More”

  1. That was a lot of baggage, I hope they find a new home.


    1. Thank you. Me too!

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  2. Sounds so stressful for you. I guess its good that your husband sets boundaries though. I feel bad for your daughter.


    1. I feel bad for her too but I don’t know what I can do for her. It’s really stressful. I’m glad that my husband set some boundaries but I wish things could work out better for everyone.


  3. her boyfriend sounds nasty! i feel bad that he called her names like that. what if he does that to their baby growing up? so sad. hope your ok after all the stress.


    1. I’m ok right now. I’m just still worried about my daughter. They really need to find another place to live as soon as possible.

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