17 Feb, An interview with Fibro and BPD

End The Stigma

Hi Folks,

Post 30 on EndTheStigma.ie and syncing with Twitter and FB page and Linkedin and Google+

As I said on NY Eve, I was going to make this into a big project and I am hitting great numbers in stats and I am really quite starstruck with some of my followers on Twitter.

Anyhow, the metrics are this reaches 15,500 people.

Today, I had the opportunity to talk to a very good friend, someone I have a lot of respect for and someone who battles life, but wins more often than she realises.

Like many of us, she has been diagnosed with BPD, this is not Bipolar Depression, rather a condition with a slightly harsh name – Borderline Personality Disorder, some say Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. I sometimes describe it as “There is no grey

This is a much more common condition than you think

These guys and ladies…

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