ABC Skills

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Introducing the DBT skill called ABC – Accumulating positives, Building mastery and Coping ahead. Last week in my DBT skills class the focus was on AAccumulating positive experiences.

We were asked to guess the frequency of positive activities/ events/ moments in our lives in DBT class, and mine was around 5-10% on average per day. That is not very high, and sometimes it is even lower; as low as 0%, if I’m struggling.

The 2 therapists were around 60-75% and I was very impressed. Automatically I assumed they were bullshitting, just to prove a point or enable them to ‘preach’ to us. Apparently they were not.

Our goal of the week was to implement at least one pleasant activity into each day in order to influence positive emotions.

On Monday I met with a friend from my DBT group and we went to a mindfulness event at…

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