A Very Eventful Easter!

My daughter and her boyfriend recently got kicked out of where they were staying.  They’ve been staying with his mom for a couple of weeks.  They’re getting an apartment out of town on April 1st.  Now for the big news:  I’m a grandma!  My daughter had her baby yesterday, on Easter Sunday.  It’s a little boy.  He only weighed 3 lbs. and 8 oz.  He’s a couple months premature so he’ll have to stay in the hospital for another 8 weeks.  But mother and baby are both doing fine.  I can’t believe I’m a grandma!  I wasn’t expecting this so soon!  But I’m so excited.  The baby’s middle name is my late brother’s name.  My daughter wanted to honour him.  How sweet!

Just had to let you know my great news.  Thanks for reading.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

3 responses to “A Very Eventful Easter!

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  2. I hope he does well. Congratulations!



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