Distraction Techniques


In my last post I talked about distraction, the first part of distress tolerance skills. I’m sure most of you have no problem coming up with distraction techniques, but just in caaaase I’m going to post a list of ideas.

  • Watch cat videos on youtube. Or dog videos. Any animal videos are great.
  • Color, paint, or draw. I got a pack of decent watercolors for $5 at Walmart. Crayons and colored pencils are even less.
  • Play a video/computer/tablet/phone game. I have a Wii, but even if you don’t have a video game console there are so many free games for devices. My favorite is The Simpsons Tapped Out. It has a story line, but there are plenty of basic games like solitaire and Tetris and Candy Crush.
  • Read a book or magazine or something online.
  • Watch a show or movie that you find comforting, inspiring, or hilarious.
  • Do something that requires…

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