The Toxicity of Unsolicited Advice

Proudly Sensitive

toxic advice photo

I’ve found myself in relationships throughout my life that are openly hostile to my emotional needs.  Where it becomes the imperative truth that if I talk about myself, my feelings or problems, it is seen as an invitation for attack, not an invitation to connection or intimacy.  Where I definitely don’t get back what I give to the other person.

Last year I tried to set a reasonable boundary with a friend.  I told them that I had heard their opinion on what the treatment should be for my health issues, I had laid out the reasons why that doesn’t work/isn’t for me, and I didn’t want to hear about it from them again.  Their repetitive, unsolicited medical advice often beginning with the phrase “you have to…” was beginning to really bother me.

They weren’t just sharing what worked for them, as they had never been in my position in…

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