The End of Therapy

Yesterday, I saw my counsellor for the last time (as a counsellor).  I guess I’ve “graduated” from therapy.  I’ve been in therapy for about twenty years.  I was kind of hoping when I saw her yesterday that she’d change her mind about ending therapy, but she didn’t.  I could have, but I know I probably don’t need therapy at this time.  Like she said, there’s a crisis line if I need it, and I can always come back to therapy if needed, as well.  But I think I’ll be fine.  I have my friends and family and other supports in place.  I have the Peer Support Centre and my Community Peer Support (CPS) worker.

I have some other things going on that I’ll tell you about later.  Stay tuned to this station for more updates (lol!)  Till next time,

— Joyce.

3 responses to “The End of Therapy”

  1. Well done you! This is for sure a milestone to be celebrated! I’m sure the relationship will be missed but it says a lot about your recovery! Bless you!


    1. Thank you!


  2. Hi Joyce, are you still around? I hope you are well! Xx



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