MHFA England training – 11th and 12th May

All Mouth, No Spoons

I have had a very busy few weeks, it feels like life is sorta rushing past me as I try and keep up. So far, I’m doing a good enough job of running alongside it I think, and I’ve got more good things on the horizon. Earlier in the week, Husband pouted because he hadn’t really seen me recently and said, “I don’t like this whole ‘you having a life’ thing, you’re never home!” OBVIOUSLY he is joking, although once upon a time I did used to get very upset at being house-bound with no future prospects at that moment.

Now? I get upset at the fact I don’t have enough arms to write all the things I want/need to. Also, smartphones are both amazing and terrible devices for keeping you in touch with your work 24/7.

Anyway, onto this post. I was lucky enough to get a place on…

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