I Want My Grandson!

My computer has been screwing up on me and not working for the last week-and-a-half, so I’m writing this on my laptop.  I prefer my desktop computer for some things, especially blogging.  I’ll have to get it in the shop ASAP.

Our grandson is in foster care.  Our daughter doesn’t even know yet.  I think that she thinks he’s in a different area of the hospital than the NICU but that she’s not allowed to see him right now.  My husband and I just had a meeting with a worker from Children’s Aid Society (I think it’s called Child Protective Services in the States) to determine if we can look after our grandson while they check out if our daughter and her boyfriend are fit parents.

It did not go well.  We have a history with them from when our kids were little and they’re using it against us.  They said they just closed their file with us last year but we remember them closing it a few years ago.  This lady is going to talk to our family doctor and my psychiatrist.  Our only hope is that we get glowing reports from both of them.  Otherwise, we have no chance.  She kept telling us that she didn’t want us to get the wrong idea by her being here, that us getting our grandson was a done deal.

I’m gonna see if my Community Peer Support worker can talk to them.  Maybe that’ll help.  I really hope so!

Wish us luck.  We need all that we can get to keep our grandson in the family and not in foster care.


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