“It was a different time for them…”

All Mouth, No Spoons


Mental Health Awareness Week – 2016

It’s the one argument that I’ve heard far too many times in regards to mental health. The generation above mine and the one before that, they don’t see mental illness as a serious matter. It can be fixed by a stern ‘pull yourself together’ and a stiff upper lip. “Back in my day, we didn’t have time to be depressed!” Yeah, that’s really helpful and also incorrect. Records show that people started to show symptoms of depression during the Industrial Revolution as industry went from open, wide farms and fields, to tight, cramped factories. It’s basically like going from being a free-range hen to being stuck in a cage while you lay eggs. Do you know when the Industrial Revolution ended? Around 1840.

My mom had mental health problems. She was sectioned twice in the 1980s, diagnosed with both post-natal depression after having my…

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