The Rhubarb Crumble – a lesson in validation

BPD FFS Sue Sibbald


To begin with I will give you two definitions of validation …
To acknowledge and accept a person’s feelings, thoughts, behaviours and internal experience as valid and understandable.

To confirm or strengthen what is relevant, true, or effective about a response, be it a thought, emotion, physical sensation, or action. Validation requires empathy (the accurate understanding of the person’s experience) but validation also includes the communication that the person’s response makes sense. (Linehan) From Karyn Hall’s NEABPD call in 2011

Some of the things validation helps with are communication, building trust, it can help lessen the distress for someone and shows you just get it.

Invalidation causes the person to get more upset and this happens to many people who self harm and attend A&E or by other Health Care Professionals not taking people seriously or family and friends.

When I’m educating people about validation this is the story I tell…

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