Worker A No-Show – Twice In One Week!

We were supposed to meet with a worker from the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) twice last week to discuss visitation with our grandson.  Both times he failed to show up, and didn’t even call until much later, after I’d called him.  We are not pleased to put it mildly!  If that was us, it would be a whole different story!  He’s off today but is supposed to call us tomorrow, or else we’ll call him.  Let’s see if he actually shows up this time, or what his excuse is this time.  That’s a whole week sooner that we could have been visiting our grandson!

Rant over.  About that anyways.  My desktop is in the shop at the moment, so I’m typing this on my laptop.  I can’t wait to get my computer back!  This is all right for now but I prefer my desktop computer for most things, especially blogging.  Ok, rant over about that.

Thanks to everyone who reads this.  I haven’t been feeling the best lately.  Things have been getting to me.  It really helps knowing that I have readers who are there for me.

Till next time,

— Joyce.



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