Life on an Intensive DBT Psych Unit

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

My bedroomwas a tiny box of a single room. I had shuffled the furniture around so that my bed was tucked beneath the slanting of the ceiling at the far side of the room – so that I had a little safe cove I could hide in. Next to my bed was a stained woodenbedside drawer and a matching flimsy cupboard. I had not allowed for much legroom around the bed, after the furniture rearragement. The bed itself was low and the mattress paper thin. I always had two duvets because they were really thin also. They were these weird American duvets that go straight into the washing machine; they didn’t even need duvet covers, you just chuck the whole thing straight in.

Beyond the foot of the bed, nearer the bedroom door, was a desk which had all my writing equipmentand books on it. (There was also a little…

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