Cognitive Distortions

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Cognitive distortions are thoughts we have that are not grounded in reality but which we nevertheless convince ourselves to be true. They tend to be attached to more ‘negative’ thoughts and emotions, and will usually perpetuate these experiences if they remain unchallenged.

Most humans experience these distortions to a certain degree, but people with BPD and other mental illnesses are known to be more vulnerable to them. They can really get in the way of one’s ability to function and quality of life, and so they are patterns of thinking that are often challenged in therapies such asDBT.

There are a number of cognitive distortions that my therapists likes me to keep a tab on. When I am struggling with what I call ‘Thinky Brain’ (my head in major overdrive), she encourages me to label the type of distortions I am experiencing in order to create a gap…

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