June Update

Wednesday was my dad’s birthday.  He’s 73 now.  I went out to dinner with my parents and sister for his birthday.  We had a great time.  Sunday I’m going to a Strawberry Social with them.  Yum!

I have my desktop computer back!  Yay!

I received a call from the CAS worker who arranges the visitation on Monday.  He said that my daughter and her boyfriend will probably get to see the baby next week, and after that, my husband and I can get to see him, hopefully.  I have my fingers crossed.

I’ve done a few Groups at an out-of-town Centre.  I gave someone there my email and we have been corresponding back and forth.  She may be able to take me to the other centre that has expressed an interest in me running a group there.  I have to make sure that it’s approved by the supervisor of all the Centres, and find a date that works for everyone.  I’m so excited if this works out!  I know that there’s at least one person there who will want to join my group.

Thanks for following me in my continuing journey of recovery.  Till next time,

— Joyce.


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