My Self-Soothing Kit

In my in-town BPD Group, we have each made a Self-Soothing Kit.  They contain at least one item for each of the five senses.  Whenever you’re feeling distressed, you pull an item out of your self-soothing kit and use it to self-soothe until the distress has passed.  It helps you get through urges to do something like self-harm until the emotion has passed like a wave.

Here is a picture of my self-soothing kit:


In it, I have included:  an MP3 player full of relaxation podcasts, a keychain photo of my grandson, a small decorative soap, some lotion, a couple of tiny teddy bears, and some mints.

Here is a picture of my friend’s self-soothing kit:


In her self-soothing kit, she has included a joke book, a bum-shaped stress ball (for colon cancer awareness), a talking stuffed cat keychain, a radio, and a peach candy.

You can use a small box or bag or whatever you wish as your Self-Soothing Kit, and decorate it however you want.  We have both used cosmetic bags for ours.  Why don’t you try making a Self-Soothing Kit of your own today?  Feel free to share in the comments what you put in yours.

Till next time,

— Joyce.

2 responses to “My Self-Soothing Kit

  1. What a great idea!



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