The Disconnect

Living with Borderline Personality Disorder

Dissociation is getting the better of me again. I will try and put my experience into words.

Dissociation is experienced as a sort of disconnect or detachment from reality that can manifest in a number of ways. Ways I often describe it, based on my on experience,include:

  • “Spacey”
  • “Out of it”
  • “Loopy”
  • “In a daze”
  • “My brain isn’t working”

There are different types and levels of dissociation although they can also overlap and change over time. For example, sometimes I dissociate so badly in therapy that I literally cannot see, talk or move – and may go into a panic attack – and need the help of my therapist to bring me back to reality. For me, this is at the rarer end of the spectrum occurring far less often. The more frequent experiences I have of dissociation are what I refer to as a consistent but more “low-level” dissociation…

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