New Flowers for My Brother

headstone 2 On the 26th of this month, it’ll be exactly one year since my brother passed away.  On Sunday, I went with my parents and sister to his grave and put some new flowers on it.  There is also a cross that glows in the dark.  My sister thought that would be a nice touch.  I think it’s an interesting idea.  It still feels almost as though my brother could walk through the door of my parents’ house any time.  It’s starting to sink in that he’s not coming back.  I was wondering how my parents and sister would handle going to his grave now.  Anniversaries can be very hard for some people, but they’re handling it really well.  My sister has trouble with nightmares and PTSD.  But she’s doing very well right now.  I’ve been reading a lot about sibling loss and it helps to know what others are going through.

I hope everyone is having a good summer.  Try to keep cool!  Until next time,

— Joyce.



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