Powerful Session


4 responses to “Powerful Session

  1. It was very helpful reading of another’s struggles in therapy with multiple emotions/sides coexisting. It is a constant struggle to know exactly what your feeling and/ thinking and how to share it in non-damaging way. I like how she referred to her sides/mindsets: child, teen, logical, blank/stone and the hard to attain wise mind. This post showed me the importance of being educated in BPD and DBT and to continue trying to work with a therapist despite the extreme vulnerablity.

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    • I’m so glad you found this post helpful. It can be hard to stick with therapy sometimes, especially DBT, but it’s so worth it.


  2. Thank you Joyce. I hope you are having a nice day. And the new website looks great!
    My therapist said she’ll work with me on dbt as I do Debbie Corso’s online course you suggested. It starts it September. Did you take this course personally?
    Sometimes I feel like mindfulness might not be helping when I have social anxiety. The urge to get out of public increases. I have a hard time focusing on much else. I try to have more compassion for myself and practice affirmations but I get worn out pretty quickly. Just wanted to share and see if anyone could relate or share what has helped them.


    • I have not done Debbie’s course personally. I did a different DBT program before I heard of Debbie’s. But she is an amazing woman. I highly recommend her course. She knows a lot about DBT.

      I also have social anxiety. I’ve found that you have to have the right affirmations for yourself, ones that don’t seem too impossible to do. I run a few groups on BPD in my area and although I have social anxiety, my desire to help others understand and be supported and erase stigma outweighs my anxiety. I think you need to practice staying out in public more, maybe in small doses at first, and possibly with the help of your therapist. Maybe practicing some Contributing (a DBT skill), you can lessen your anxiety a little.

      I hope I’ve helped you somewhat. Sometimes all we need is a little validation from people who’ve been there (or are still there!)



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