“I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me”-J.Kreisman M.D.


I’ve read many books, text books, articles, research publications etc. on BPD.  The two books that have truly helped me understand and cope with BPD the most have been by Jerold J. Kreisman M.D. Even the articles he publishes on his blog have been of tremendous help and support.  I actually reached out to him and was surprised and ecstatic when he responded in such a supportive way. It gave me a sense that he is passionate about what he writes, genuine and sincere, and I believe this is why I have gained so much from his publications. Even when I work with clients with BPD, I always recommend his books to them, and all have had nothing but excellent things to say. I found Kreisman’s publications to be a very powerful tool in overcoming BPD, and would like to share and recommend them to anyone suffering with BPD themselves…

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2 responses to ““I Hate You, Don’t Leave Me”-J.Kreisman M.D.

  1. psychology4society

    Thanks for sharing my post and contributing to making bpd stigma free ❣



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