BPD & Fears of Abandonment


Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 9.19.43 AMEveryone at one point or another fears that their loved ones will leave them.  But this fear is different from the fear a person with Borderline Personality Disorder experiences.  Rooted in years of family history, this fear can be extremely painful.  This core feature of BPD impacts many other symptoms of the disorder.  Feeling lonely effects borderlines close relationships, disrupts identity development and may trigger severe mood swings, self-destructive behavior and anger outbursts.

Where does the Fear of Abandonment Come From?

There are various theories as to why borderlines experience such intense fear of abandonment.

  1. 1be4e9b9aa24e7c330772230042c4712-1Childhood Experiences

The terror or loneliness often is a consequence of early experiences during childhood, which may have been confusing or contradictory.  The parent (most often the mother) may have discouraged normal separation and individuation by being too clingy, perhaps due to her own fear of abandonment.  The mother or primary…

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