Getting a new diagnosis: Thoughts on mental health identity

Pride in Madness

Image: a list of illnesses with empty check boxes beside each name. Depression has a red check mark next to it.

In a past Motherhood & Madness post I mentioned that the psychiatrist I’m seeing felt that my borderline diagnosis was wrong and that I instead experience major depression, generalized anxiety and “severe, reactive interpersonal sensitives”. As I said in the previous post, “I feel like [the psychiatrist] just broke down my experience into small chunks, making them seem separate when they are really deeply connected.” Overall I have ignored the apparent change in diagnosis and I also have to admit that it did get to me when I found myself in a group of BPD peers. I may see myself as not sick, identify as Mad and as someone who doesn’t put weight into DSM labels but it would be careless of me to ignore that I am…

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