BPD and Emotional Sensitivity

Beautifully Borderline

So if you have BPD, you’ve probably noticed that you may be easily “triggered” into very intense emotions. You may feel uncontrollable at times and even unable to hold back when an emotion hits, leading to impulsiveness. You may blurt things out that you don’t mean, or do something ‘crazy’.

If you know someone with BPD, you may have also noticed this. Though you may be wondering why they react with such intensity at seemingly small things. Or you may simply not understand why they feel so strongly about certain things. Their impulsive acts or “blurts” of words may hurt your feelings, seem misplaces, over-reactive, or just down right unnecessary.

So what’s the deal?

People with BPD have been described as severe burn victims with 3rd degree burns all over their body. We are like open wounds exposed to anything and everything, that even the smallest thing will will cause…

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2 responses to “BPD and Emotional Sensitivity

  1. Thanks for reposting. It helped me to read this today



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