Are These 5 Myths about Emotions Holding You Back? | World of Psychology

We are emotional beings. As complex patterns of internal reactions to external stimuli, emotions are what helped the human species survive. Emotions direct our actions and determine our well-being and health. Whether we are aware of our emotions or not, whether we talk about emotions or not, and whether we recognize their vital importance or not, emotions are an integral part of our lives and have a powerful effect on us. What kind of effect? That all depends on how we manage any given emotion. False assumptions and lack of skills to regulate emotions often get in the way of effectively dealing with them. Although inter-related, challenging false assumptions is a crucial first step of emotion regulation training. Here are five common myths about emotions (derived from Dialectical Behavior Therapy) you’ll want to challenge: Myth #1: There is a right way to feel in every situation If anything is certain, it’s that there’s always more than one way to view a situation. Everyone

Source: Are These 5 Myths about Emotions Holding You Back? | World of Psychology


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