What Is Borderline Personality Disorder?

Hannah Jane

Late last year I was diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder ~ a personality disorder also known as borderline personality disorder. To be honest I don’t like the name of the illness, even if the description fits. It makes me sound scary, like I could snap at the click of a finger and become ‘unstable’. I don’t think that’s true (I certainly hope I don’t come across that way), but that’s my opinion. Though ever since my diagnosis I have been trying to find outexactly what is borderline personality disorder?

I spent some time on elefriends talking with other people with the same diagnosis and had a look around on the web for other people’s experiences. None felt quite like mine but I guess everyone is different, so I decided to see what different organisations had to say.

According to mind.org it is,

A mental health problem where…

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