“Nice to meet you, I had a cheese toasty on June 2nd 1995.” – BPD & Boundaries


Boundaries are something that in essence, everyone knows about. You know that you probably shouldn’t greet a potential parent in-law with a hearty butt-smack and a wink. You know that it might not be advisable to give the widow a ‘wet willy’ at a funeral. You also know it’s probably not great to give your partner a slideshow presentation listing in graphic detail all of the socks you’ve lost to the Battle of the Tumble Dryer.

In other words boundaries are set by everyone, for a huge number of things, to ensure that what they do is appropriate for the situation. It is also being aware of the right amount of information to disclose with another person depending on your relationship with them.

To someone with emotional sensitivity, or Borderline Personality Disorder, this can be especially challenging as it can be difficult to even recognise that your boundaries are a bit…

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