24 Hours with BPD

A hard read at times but very accurate as to what many people with BPD go through every day.


Tracking 24 hours with BPD – See the key below:

codegreen00:01 – Many people ‘like’ the artwork I’ve uploaded. I feel good. I feel purposeful


03:17 – Caffeine fuelled neutrality. Getting the shakes, but achieving stuff at the same time. Progress is slow but I feel like I’m actually getting somewhere

purple04:56 – I can feel my mood creeping lower. Suicidal thoughts have been plaguing me more and more recently. I’m terrified of going to sleep. I scared of the quiet, of being alone with my thoughts

purple05:45 – I guess I should sleep soon, but I can’t stop thinking about the disintegration of my past relationships and how everything was my fault  

07:10 – 13:05  SLEEP: woke up six times and struggled to get back to sleep

blue13:10 – I am nothing. I feel nothing. I am an empty shell. I am just ghosting; soon I’ll disappear…

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