Effective Ways to Help Someone with BPD


4 responses to “Effective Ways to Help Someone with BPD

  1. I brought up 4 children for 20yrs I had a massive struggle 2yr ago wen I got diagnosed found coping in drinking took overdoses 2 went into therapy met a bloke got pregnant had my baby an my 10 an 7 yr old taken from me not allowed a child in my care wen not on medication finished therapy not had a drink for nearly 2yr but I read stories of others with mental health illness with there children living with them?


    • I’m very sorry that you’ve had such a bad experience. I hope that things improve for you soon. ❤


      • Thank you but it just getting worse I see my elder 2 once every 2 wks an my 9month old for 8hrs a wk I just want more contact with my children but everyone just excuses play on my mental health I have been stable for 2yrs but the nan who have my elder 2 an the father who has my baby play on my emotions want me to go on a down wood spiral so they can say told you so they are so cruel how they won’t give me some more time with my children 😢



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