5 Misconceptions About Borderline Personality Disorder

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My name is Hollie and I’ve had Borderline Personality Disorder for the last 11 years. You’d never notice; I’m the woman on the tube flicking through her Filofax, the person in the queue at Sainsbury’s and even the woman standing in front of a couple of hundred students giving a lecture.

Even on my bad days when I’m talking too quickly, flirting with the Starbucks barista or buzzing with energy and unable to sit still, you’d never be able to guess I live with a disorder that kills one in ten of us via suicide.

Mental health illustration

For those who know about Borderline Personality Disorder, they’ll think they know about my personality – manipulative, needy, on edge.

And for those who don’t, the term ‘Borderline Personality Disorder’ brings ideas of schizophrenia multiple personalities, psychotic tendencies and no sense of self; it’s because of this I’m penning a piece about the ultimate misconceptions…

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