Found Rock bottom.. It’s not so bad down here.




So that was rock bottom. I took almost 10 pregnancy tests, and as expected they were all positive.  I called my mom and casually said “I’m pregnant, I need you to come take me to get an abortion and then drop me off at an inpatient psychiatric facility.”

That was my rock bottom, and after I hit it I surrendered.  I had the “in home” abortion, which actually was not nearly has bad as I expected it to be.When it was over, I did what I had been putting off and avoiding for so many months.  I asked for help, and admitted that I needed it.  I accepted the fact that if I didn’t get serious help I was notimages going to make it.  And I’m not ashamed to say that, I’m proud.  

I realized I’m fucking done with this fucked up bull shit of a disorder,  I…

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