People With Borderline Personality Disorder Deserve Empathy And Understanding

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What do you know about borderline personality disorder? Today’s guest contributor, Natalia Hero, shares her personal insights into the often stigmatized mental illness, usually referred to as BPD. If you have BPD, please comment below and tell us about your experiences.

May is Borderline Personality Disorder Awareness Month – it’s also my birthday month, and the month during which I was diagnosed with the disorder. I like to think that that reinforces the connection I have with my illness – that BPD is very much a part of me, to be accepted and even embraced rather than demonized or ignored. To me, this has been an important part of the healing process. But the way BPD is perceived by others is another matter entirely. The disorder is highly stigmatized even within the field of psychiatry – it’s been described in some of the literature I’ve read as “incurable” while its…

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2 responses to “People With Borderline Personality Disorder Deserve Empathy And Understanding

  1. Dear Joyce, I’ve never been able to read your posts all the way through.   The print size drops to super tiny and when I click to read the rest,  it doesn’t work.   Perhaps it is Word Press.  I used to subscribe to a D I D group that also used Word Press.  They disappeared.   Personally, I don’t trust Word Press. I don’t get any of your posts on my computer where the size print can be enlarged to be comfortably read.  You are the best encourager of me and my friends.  We love your stuff, but frustratingly cannot get it all.  Your Facebook page works very well.  I cannot understand why you use Word Press.  Do they charge you for their very poor service?  I hope not.  Will continue to keep you as long as I can and will keep trying to work around Word Press even on my computer.  Thank you for your very fine posts — what we can read — that is!  Very sincerely,Karen

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    • WordPress does not charge me. I don’t know why it shows up so tiny for you. I hope you can find out why and continue reading my posts! I’m glad that you find them so encouraging and that my Facebook Page still works for you.



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