May Update

I have some news.  My daughter is pregnant again.  She’s six months along.  Her and her boyfriend are couch-surfing.  Right now, they’re staying with friends out of town.  They’re on assistance and only getting half a cheque.  I have a feeling that this baby is going to go directly into foster care the same as its brother, who’s being adopted.  I wish they would find a place of their own and get their act together!

My sister is getting married next month and I’m her Matron of Honour.  That means that I have to dance with the Best Man.  I’ve never danced in my entire life.  I’m so nervous!

My son is still staying in his room when the tutor comes, and talking to her through the door.  I wish he would come out and meet her.  I know what social anxiety is like.  His dad is the same way.  I worry so much about them!  Even if my son would do a little bit at a time.  He used to wave his hand at her from the hallway as she was at the front door, leaving.  He won’t even do that anymore.

There are a lot of special days for me this month – my sister’s and mother-in-law’s birthdays, Mother’s Day and my parents’ anniversary.  I have no money to buy them anything this year.  😦  I’m making my sister’s wedding present.  I’m sure she’ll like it.  It’s something she can really use.

I hope everyone’s May is going well and that you are enjoying some nice Spring weather.  It’s a little cool and wet here for this time of year but I’m sure it’ll get better soon.  Take care.  Until next time,

— Joyce.



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