High-Functioning Borderline Personality Disorder

Video by Recovery Mum:


2 responses to “High-Functioning Borderline Personality Disorder

  1. I know a few people who have BPD like me and you wouldn;t know it in public,because they wear a very tight mask and hide behind big smiles, but then have a freak out and melt down at home or in the car together when they need to finally let it all out.

    I’m also considered high functional now. In my youth I was way more severe, but I’ve come a long way and worked hard on my recovery. I feel have a lot of BPD symptom moments, but I manage them better by years of research- books, groups, one on one therapy. Mindfulness- being mindful of how I’m feeling, my thoughts, self compassion practices, challenging my reality, not believing my instant feelings or perceptions as absolute facts, humble training and learning to be vulnerable and apologize, learning other peoples perspective and that it’s not always about me. REalizing i took things the wrong way often, realizing i attack people when i feel rejected, seeing my manipulations, seeing that im more high maintenance and more of a drama queen than i thought i was, seeing my abusive behaviours, and accepting them and trying to change them and not just pitying or hating myself for being that way (I did at first but it got easier with time) That was really hard to do. Takes a LOT of self reflection, a lot of vulnerability and a lot of realizing that I wasn’t always right, even though it felt like it in the heat of the moment.


    • It’s great that you’re managing your emotions so well now. Congratulations on lots of hard work. You should be very proud of yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back.



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