I Did Self-Care When Life Got Tough!

The Art of Becoming Tilly

Most people probably don’t find life as hard as I do, getting a bus to a new place, eating, getting dressed, taking a shower, going outside, knowing what you feel and acting (safely) on it are some of the many everyday things I struggle with. I can sometimes manage them and sometimes not.

Today, I feel sad. Because yesterday was hard. What happened is irrelevant, what I am really pleased about is my response:

  1. I knew I was sad.
  2. I knewwhyI was sad.
  3. I chose not to wallow in it or avoid it.
  4. I communicated with relevant people to update them on where I am, that I am safe and explained my behaviour instead of avoiding all contact due to fear and shame.
  5. I immediately decided that a day of self-indulgence was necessary, set up my cosiest bed nest, and found something to watch that would distract me…

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