Object Permanence, Emotion and its effects on relationships in BPD. 

The Art of Becoming Tilly

I just read a really interesting article on an extremely important and debilitating aspects of BPD that’s rarely talked about “object permanence“.

It made me think about my experiences of it and I wanted to add a little to what she says, which is excellent – definitely read the linked article so you know what I’m talking about as I’m not really going to explain object permanence here; this article by Katie Mae already does a great job of that.

I’m just going to write about what it means to me and to some of my close friends with BPD, who also experience this to varying degrees. And how it can impact on relationships and cause immense distress for the person with BPD and their loved ones. It is, I think, the silent root of many arguments. But generally even the person with BPD isn’t really aware of…

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