You Don’t Look Like You Have BPD

The Borderline Project

By Mariana

The first time I spoke in front of a crowd about my mental condition a man approached and said “You don’t look like you have BPD”.

People often say I don’t look like I have borderline personality disorder. Whatever that means. Yes, I have a steady job. I live by myself. I pay the bills on time. I’m funny. I seem confident and independent. I am driven. I have had amazing and enriching experiences of all sorts. I have solid friendships. I’m not into drugs. I do yoga. I love caring for others. I read a lot. My cholesterol is low. But it is what happens indoors by myself that might seem less “common” to you.

I make sure I’m alone in the comfort of my own home to release the steam. Sometimes I rush back as quickly as I can because I need to explode. Very…

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