Review: Borderline Personality Disorder: In Our Own Words

Full title:  Borderline Personality Disorder:  In Our Own Words – An Educational Resource From Emotions Matter, Inc.

This is a spiral-bound booklet produced by Emotions Matter.  Inside, you’ll find lots of great information as well as personal stories by five people with BPD.  There are many excellent resources throughout the book.  I think you will find this publication very helpful.  It would be really handy to refer to often.  The perfect size for your purse or bag.  It includes emergency information.

I like that this booklet contains stories of people with BPD, not just facts.  It always helps to hear about others like yourself.  Especially with something like Borderline Personality Disorder that you don’t hear much about.  You can feel very alone.  Hearing others’ stories makes you feel much less alone.  Hearing about how they cope may give you some ideas of how to cope yourself.  It gives you hope that things can always get better.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this book:

  • How did you feel when you were first diagnosed with BPD?
  • How would you describe BPD to someone newly diagnosed?
  • How does BPD impact your behaviors and how you function on a daily basis?

Find the answers to these and more questions inside.

For more information on Emotions Matter, go to: or email them at:

Yin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA iconYin-Yang DNA icon   5/5


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