Looking for Positive BPD Christmas Stories

Christmas tree

Whenever I try to look up stuff about Borderline Personality Disorder and Christmas, all I can usually find are things about how horrible Christmas is with BPD, and how people with BPD ruin Christmas.

A few years ago, when I’d just started this blog, I asked for positive Christmas stories, I don’t think I received any.  I know that there must be some out there.  If you have any that you would like to share, please submit them in the Comments below.  Or, if you prefer, you can send them to me through the Contact Form tab at the top of any page on this blog.  You can remain anonymous if you like.

C’mon people!  Let’s all Make BPD Stigma-Free!  Hope everyone is having a good Christmas season, if you celebrate.  I hope to read some positive BPD Christmas stories soon.  Thanks.  Till next time,

— Joyce.

2 responses to “Looking for Positive BPD Christmas Stories

  1. Hi Joyce. I usually hate this time of year, as it’s so emotional for me since I lost my grandmother before my 20th birthday. All of my Christmas’es since then have been a disaster and filled with drama and negativity. Since then I sort of wrote this season off as something to survive. I’m now in the healthiest relationship of my life, and I’m choosing to make this a time of connection and creating new and good memories with my partner. This is the first Christmas I’m not dreading and feeling depressed or fearful about. I’ll keep my grandmother in my heart, and try to create my own magic this year. Not really a great story, but thought I would share anyway. 🙂



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