“What Are The Best Careers For Someone With BPD?”

Last year, a friend of mine asked me “What are the best careers for someone with BPD?”  I tried looking it up and couldn’t really find anything.  I know that people with BPD are creative and enjoy jobs in the arts.  They also enjoy working with kids and animals.  They are passionate about things like the environment.

They may have trouble holding onto a job.  They may quit jobs frequently.  DBT can help us to not do so impulsively.  We may have problems with our identity, thereby preventing us from finding the right career path.  DBT can help us find out who we really are so that we can finally find a career that is right for us.

Here is a great blog post talking about this subject from my favourite blogger, Debbie Corso:  http://www.my-borderline-personality-disorder.com/2012/05/identity-issues-career-jobs-bpd.html  Debbie now runs DBT Path, along with a therapist.  Debbie has graduated from DBT and now teaches others what she has learned through online classes.  She is amazing!  I haven’t done her classes but I know that she knows what she is talking about.  You can follow her on Facebook and other social media.  Check out DBT Path here:  https://emotionallysensitive.com/

Here is another article about Jobs for Someone with BPD:  https://www.verywellmind.com/bpd-and-career-choices-425401

Right now, I don’t work outside the home.  I volunteer at my local Peer Support Centre, running a BPD Discussion/Support Group.  I also do other projects to raise awareness and fight the stigma of mental illness, especially BPD.  I don’t have too many attendees at my group at this time, but I keep hoping that attendance will pick up.  It is my passion in life to raise awareness and fight the stigma of BPD and be a support to others, as you may know by now.

If you are having trouble sticking to a job, consider DBT.  Maybe checking out DBT Path.  I hope you find the career that is right for you.

Till next time,

— Joyce.

4 responses to ““What Are The Best Careers For Someone With BPD?”

  1. Hi Joyce. I’ve found that having my own business works well for me… Even though I’m still building it up and it’s a lot of work, it’s so worth it.


  2. Hi Joyce, You have hit the nail on the head. Creative, kids, animals, environmental – I am all of the above. I’ve tried for years to squeeze this little square peg into a round hole of familial expectation and worked in environments to which I am entirely unsuited. So I tend to blow and leave.
    I find I am only happy when I work for myself from home using my natural talents. It may not bring in the $$ I was previously accustomed to, but it brings a sense of naturalness and peace.


    • Many people with BPD choose to work for themselves. Sometimes its the best option. I’m glad you found a sense of naturalness and peace.



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