Should I Keep My Zazzle Store Open?

I’ve had my Zazzle store for about a year-and-a-half now, and I’ve never sold anything.  Should I shut down my store?  Or keep it open?  Will anyone buy anything?  I have many BPD awareness items to choose from.  Please check it out here:

You can leave a comment below if you wish.  Thanks,

– Joyce.

*NEW* BPD Friend’s T-Shirts

Now available:  BPD Friend’s T-Shirts!


Wear this t-shirt telling others to ask your friend about their Borderline Personality Disorder:


Feel confident that you know quite a bit about BPD? Then try this shirt on for size! It tells others to ask YOU about your friend’s Borderline Personality Disorder:

Wear these t-shirts with pride and help spread awareness and eliminate the stigma of Borderline Personality Disorder. Together, we can MAKE BPD STIGMA-FREE!

*NEW* Did You Know?… Postcards

Check out these “Did You Know?…” postcards at my Zazzle Store.  Here is the first in the series.  Collect them all and give to your friends to help spread awareness of BPD and eliminate stigma.


Lots of New Men’s Apparel at my Zazzle Store!

Check out all the new Menswear at my Zazzle Store:

Check out this and other items at my Zazzle Store here: